Will Smith quits Suicide Squad

Will Smith deserved a lot of credit for putting on a brave face during the Suicide Squad release. 

After Wild Wild West the film is arguably Smith’s worst, even though his own performance was perfectly adequate. 

But now that Warners seem to have a semblance of a plan, hiring in James Gunn after his Disney demise, it seems a little ironic that Smigh has decided to jump ship. 

Still, Smith’s loss is Idris Elba’s gain. The London actor is likely to replace Smith as Deadshot in The Suicide Squad, which is currently pencilled in for a summer 2021 release. 

Suicide Squad was released in the summer of 2016, and it took over two years for Warners to green light a sequel, such was the colossal mess the movie became. Once James Gunn was given a shot at the script, the studio got a little exited and recently ramped up their production. 

Margot Robbie is likely to return as Harley Quinn, although she’s keen to appear in a standalone movie in advance of this one’s release.  

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