Aquaman is the biggest DC movie. OF ALL TIME.

When we first saw Aquaman in Batman V Superman, we shook our hands. When he turned up in Justice League, we might have already been asleep. When we saw the trailer for the new movie, we switched it off before the end.

And when we went to see the movie… we felt like the insanely long 142 minute running time had been twice that. We couldn’t believe it was 2018 still, let alone daylight when we came out.

And yet, despite being such a boring, cliche-riddled generic comic book blockbuster, Aquaman has been a gargantuan success.

According to the folks over at BoxOfficeMojo, Aquaman has now managed to take over a billion dollars at the worldwide box office.

To put that into context, that means it’s more successful than The Dark Knight movies. And Wonder Woman, which was classed as ‘pretty great’ just because it wasn’t ‘total shit’.

It’s a number that means most of you reading this article probably don’t agree with us that it was a really bloated, boring and often irritating assault on the eyeballs. So we’ll stop here and let you go about your business.

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