No host for this year’s Oscars

The Academy Awards, the annual Hollywood orgy of self congratulation where people doing their jobs ask the world to celebrate them for doing their extremely well-paid jobs, will not have a host for just the second time in the awards’ 91-year history.

Actor Kevin Hart had originally been lined up to present, but his Twitter history came back to bite him when some old, extremely questionable Tweets about gay people resurfaced.

Hart defended himself, explaining that he had grown as a person, but his recent refusal to apologise on TV show Ellen was the death knell in any potential comeback to the Oscars hot seat.

So rather than find a capable replacement, the Academy Awards producers are now considering going ahead without a host, instead, having a series of stars introduce each individual segment.

They tried a similar plan back in 1989, when the opening monologue was replaced by a song and dance number, featuring an actress dressed as Snow White, who eventually ended up singing a duet with an under-qualified Rob Lowe.

Not only was it one of the worst opening’s in the history of awards shows, it nearly torpedoed Lowe’s career for good (a sex tape surfaced soon after, and that did a lot of the heavy-lifting on that front) and permanently ruined producer Allan Carr.

Still, as Steve Martin once said, the Oscars ultimately provide one hour of entertainment squeezed into a four-hour running time. So whoever does or doesn’t present, prepare to be mildly entertained.

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