The abysmal Venom WILL get a sequel

It doesn’t seem to matter that every single person who saw Venom came out thinking “why the did I just spend money watching Venom?”, because they spent money watching Venom.

Indeed, Sony’s blockbuster about a Spider-Man villain, sans Spider-Man, made nearly a billion dollars. And Sony are not a film studio who spend much time thinking about quality when there’s gold in them there hills.

According to VarietyVenom 2 will see Tom Hardy return as the journalist-turned-alien-host along with Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson in their supporting roles.

Director Ruben Fleischer, however, will not be invited to the party. He’s said to be too busy working on Zombieland 2, which is due out in October, although it’s feasible that he’s carrying the can for the critical mauling the film received.

Still, knowing Sony, it’s hard to imagine a dream team of Spielberg, Welles and Kurosawa turning in a critical hit while dealing with the Sony marketing team.

Sony are yet to confirm the news, so more as we get it. And if you haven’t seen Venom, might we implore you to watch Upgrade instead? It’s the same film, only much, much better.

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