Black Panther trailer lands, MovieGulp yawns.

We’re in the third phase of the cinematic trend that’s dominating the big budget brand of Hollywood, and unless you’re a 17-year-old American kid, it’s hard to believe you haven’t begun to wonder if Marvel’s range is beginning to stagnate.

The comedy and creativity of Guardians of the Galaxy had us all believing Marvel could keep things fresh, and while Ant-Man had its moments (mostly thanks to the fingerprints of departed director Edgar Wright), it did remind us that setting up future instalments was of more importance than the current one.

And so here we are, with yet another identikit movie, with a plot we fully expect to be fashioned from previous Marvel beats.

As you cast your eyes upon this, remember – when making a trailer, the marketing team insist upon showing an action clip never-before seen in a film. And what we get it a CGI Black Panther doing a backflip off of a CGI car crash. Oooh, we’re feeling it now.

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