American Made trailer sees a coke-covered Cruise crash and burn

Sure, Tom Cruise might be a Scientologist, and that means he believes in some seriously weird stuff, but we can’t help it… we love the guy. He makes (mostly) very good films and charms everybody in the process.

In American Made, Cruise plays Barry Seal, a pilot flying internal airliners around the US, who is offered the chance to live a more citing life by Domnhall Gleeson’s CIA agent.

Instead of transporting passengers, Seal is offered the chance to help fly arms to south America, a job he takes with some relish. And when he realises he can make even more money on the journey back, he sets up deals with the likes of Pablo Escobar and things go, predictably, a bit nuts.

The trailer was apparently held back so that promotional work on The Mummy could be completed. Which is a tad ironic, because it’s American Made that should win the actor the plaudits and box office he deserves, rather than what we’ve heard is the worst movie he’s made since Far & Away.

The sense of humour at the heart of American Made is what really grabbed our attention. That and Tom Cruise doing an accent for the first time in 20+ years. Director Doug Liman spoke to the press last week to give some background on the making of the movie.

“Tom’s known for his intensity, but he has a great sense of humour. He’s always looking for the comedy in the heart of the story. He knows how to make it funny, to find those beats.”

Liman was also keen to explain that the story was so crazy, they didn’t need to embellish it at all.

“It’s the most incredible story, full of outrageous things we couldn’t possibly invent. It’s not a movie about drugs. I’m not interested in that. It’s about this guy at the heart of the story and the decisions he makes.

“We actually had to remove some elements of the script. Some things that didn’t actually happen. We knew it was crazy enough without having to make stuff up.

Liman went on to explain how his own father was involved in the prosecution of Senator Oliver North, the man at the heart of the Iran-Contra scandal in the 80s.

“My father gave immunity to Oliver North after the Iran-Contra scandal. It was serious. It was a huge deal, breaking of the constitution by a sitting president. My father would come home, literally laughing at some of the crazy things he’d seen that day.”

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