Toy sales may save the Power Rangers franchise

Hollywood doesn’t make movies to impress you. Studio bosses make movies that will make them buckets of cash, even if that movie is utterly atrocious.

Hence why we received a Power Rangers reboot in the first place. Still, it was encouraging to see the numbers on such a cynical piece of filmmaking hitting so damn low.

An $85m domestic return was poor, but the China market, so often the saviour of shitty Hollywood output, was hilariously unimpressed. Taking just $4m from a country with 1.4 billion residents is a sure sign that, actually, the world doesn’t need teenagers in silly suits copying lots of other recent movie plot points.

But then again, Hollywood is all about the money. And when the toy sales are so high, they’d think themselves fools not to cash in a little further. Indeed, sales were up to a peak of 190% year-on-year, making the Power Rangers line the 11th most popular toy this year. In the world.

The film did, admittedly, have a progressive script (one character is autistic, another gay), but that’s neither why it failed, nor why a sequel will be forthcoming. It’s all about those little plastic figurines.

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