Top Gun 2 gets flight clearance

We’re going to be completely honest with you – it doesn’t matter how insane Scientology can get, we like Cruise. A lot.

The guy makes interesting blockbuster movies. And charms the shit out of everyone he meets. And it’s worked on us.

Which is why we are going to be kind about this latest development in Hollywood’s turgid slew of reboots and sequels – The Cruiser is going to shoot the Top Gun sequel next year.

“Filming will begin probably within the next next year,” he told some Australian talk show while doing the press stuff for The Mummy, another film that would ordinarily look a bit shit to us, but for The Cruiser’s involvement.

A producer said something about the plot involving drones and the death of the modern day fighter pilot, but whatever. It’s Cruise in a plane. That’ll work for us.

Source: Variety

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