Sony pounce on Black Cat spin-off

Spidey’s occasional comic book sparring partner, Black Cat, is getting her own vehicle in the form of Black Cat and Silver Sable.

It seems Sony are starting to rebuild their long term spin-off options after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 put a major dent in the previously-planned extended universe.

Indeed, Sony had originally planned to make the most of the Marvel characters they own (Spider-Man’s enemies for the most part) until they messed up TASM2 so badly. Turns out letting the marketing department run the show wasn’t such a great idea.

And now they’re feeling a bit more confident, they’re going back to the well to produce a bunch of new spin-offs.

We’ve already heard about Tom Hardy’s casting as the evil psychotic symbiot, Venom (the movie has a rather optimistic release date of summer 2018), and now it looks like The Secret Life of Bees director Gina Prince-Blythewood will helm the production.

Prince-Blythewood is working on the script as we type, after previous drafts by the likes of Chris Yost (Thor: Ragnarok) and Lisa Joy (Westworld).

As for who will play the leads, we’re yet to hear a thing. Felicity Jones was linked with the role before The Amazing Spider-Man 2 messed it all up, and that’s something we’re hoping they’ll revisit.

Still, it’s exceptionally promising to see a female director given a shot at a tentpole movie, even if the lead characters are likely to be wearing rather tight-fitting outfits.

Source: Variety

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